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Production Process of Sesame Seed Candy Bars


        The sesame seed bar is one snacks foods not only in the Asian area, but also the Africa,  the sesame seed bar making will need a lot of seed materials, so it would be better if your country has rich sesame seed bar materials, rich sesame seed materials will reduce the cost of import the sesame from other coutries.  Sesame bar has two different  types totally, one is bar-shaped, another is flat-shaped, it can be made by the white sesame seed or the black sesame seed with other materials. Tasting very delicious, and popuplar among different countries people. 

        Production process of sesame seed candy bar: 
Necessary materials and tool:
Materials: white suagr, black sesame( white sesame), vegetable oil, aromatic, ect. 
Necessary machine:
Sesame seed bar making machine, mixing machine, forming machine and the cutting machine. 

Production process of the sesame seed bar:

Firstly, washing the sesame bar into cleaning. Usually, there are some impurities in the sesame materials, if do not cleaning them very,  the final products taste will be influenced. 
Secondly, mixing the suagr. Suagr usually is the particles,  need to heating the suagr into the sauce for the next step. 
Thirdly, put the suagr and the sesame seed with other materials into the mixing machine, after they are mixed very well, put them into the forming machine. 
Fourthly, all the materials will be put into forming machine.  Sesame seed candy bar will press molding them into sheet. 
Fifthly, cutting stype. The forming sheet can be cut into the customeized size and cooling. 
Finally, packing them. The packing types you can choosed according your really need. 
     More details about the sesame seed candy bar making machine, consult our customer service. 

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