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How to Open A Portuguese Egg Tart Shop


Process of  opening a Portuguese egg tart shop: 
      Opening a shop is  a very complicated process, you should consider many problems as the following: 
1>. Shop Address Location Selection:
A . Near the flow of large supermarket. 
B.  Do not stand next to small vendors, such as fried dough shops,  sticks bread shop, etc. 
C.  Convenient transportation of the shop.  
D.  Choose the place where people walking is concentrated in night.
2>. Choose a good shop. Check the shop whether is suitable for selling the cake before setting the lease contract.
3>. After signing the contract, the staff training also is very important. Training them how to used the professional egg tart making machine, how to service customers, and so on. 
4>. Start store decoration. The decoration of the egg tart should follow the egg tart  theme. Try to creat the clean, quite, relaxed environment. 
5>. When store decoration is finished, and then go to the industrial and commercial tax in time for business license. 


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