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How to Season Pellet Foods By Machine


       Many kinds of the snacks foods taste very delicious because of different kinds of condiments. So the snacks foods seasoning process also is very important in the futhur consider thinking.  The most commonly used seasoning machine is the octagonal  seasoning machine.  This seasoning machine is suitable for the foods seasoning process, adding condiment,  hanging pulp for the foods, etc. So this machine is usually used in the final foods processing step. The whole structure of machine is simple, any people who has no experience can hold this machine easily.  Automaticlly put the final products can reduce time that people take the material from the machine. 
       In other words, this machine can be used singlely, or set with other machine in the whole foods processing line.  The direction of rotation can be adjusted by your requirement. The details of operating this machine, please just follow the introduction of the machine.  






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