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Sesame Brittle Machine Suppliers In China


As a professional sesame brittle machine suppliers in China with 8 years of experience, our automatic sesame brittle machine with following features:
1. The continuous feeding of the machine consists of automatic leveling, automatic crosscutting and automatic vertical cutting parts; There are seven rolls with moderate density and even thickness. Using frequency conversion adjustment, accurate cutting size; The whole production line can work continuously without manual connection, variable frequency control, and automatic completion of pressing, cooling and cutting blocks, realize continuous production.
2. Equipped with touch screen, PLC and other complete electric control system, the operation is very simple and convenient.
3. Integrate the three working procedures of stirring, leveling and cutting into one unit to achieve high production efficiency and save labor.
4. Imitate the principle of manual cutting and adopt advanced automatic control technology.
5. Automatic control of cutting speed, automatic feeding and automatic cutting.
6. Horizontal and vertical automatic cutting sesame brittle, the size of sesame brittle can be customized.
7. For products with the same width, the length and thickness can be adjusted at any time. If the width needs to be changed, the tool shaft can be changed.
8. In the middle part of the machine, a mesh belt is adopted to deliver sesame brittle with enough cooling time, and the packaging machine can be connected directly behind the conveyor belt.
9. The finished product is smooth and beautiful, neat and has high yield. It is widely applicable to peanut candy, sunflower seed candy, Shaqima, etc., and can be matched with corresponding laying device according to different materials.
As sesame brittle machine supplier, we have different food processing machine, but sesame brittle machine is our star product, if you have any question, please contact us for free.
Sesame Brittle Machine Suppliers
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