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How Are Sugar Cubes Made Commercially?


Sugar cube is a kind of high sugar product made from refined sugar, but how are sugar cubes made commercially?
Commonly used method of sugar cube production method is to use appropriate size refined white sugar, mixed with a small amount of refined sugar concentration solution or water of crystallization, form wet sugar contained 1.5% - 2.5% of water, then use the sugar cube making machine into a half square block, repass dryer to dry, make the moisture below 0.5%, after cooling you can pack the sugar cube.
But if you want to make high quality sugar cube, you need a good sugar cube manufacturing machine, now we will introduce you our machine.
1. The machine with compact structure, reliable performance, the chassis is made of stainless steel and the surface through specific polishing. Preventing the cross infection, conforming to GMP standards.
2. This sugar cube manufacturing machine has big pressure, wide range of tablets, etc, can apply to the conventional cube sugar, and special shape of cube sugar. Suitable for various varieties and small batch production.
3. With immersion type lubrication transmission mechanism, easy to heat dissipation and prolong its service life.
4. The machine can achieve automatic rotation, automatic frequency control and continuous briquetting.
5. The sugar cube manufacturing machine’s capacity from 100 to 500 kg/h, the shape and size of final product can be customized.
We just give a little introduction about making sugar cube comercially and our machine, if you want to start sugar cube business and have any question, please contact us for free.
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