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Fully Automatic China Candy Bar Production Line


The candy bar production line is widely used in the production of melon seed candy, peanut candy, sesame candy and so on. In order to reduce the manual production, the sesame candy making line is fully automatic. After the material is stirred, the material is poured into the hopper directly and does not need manual handling, and it can be butted seamlessly with the material packing machine, fully automatic production of the whole line is realized. Only need a person to operate the machine.
China candy bar production line advantages:
1. All stainless steel case, the machine can be cleaned with water, which improves the hygiene of food manufacturers greatly.
2. Upside down structure, no residue is left inside the machine.
3. Hopper heating, stirring alone regulation, better regulation.
4. The mixer can be combined with the molding machine to save labor.
5. The hopper can be turned up, easy to clean up materials.
6. Feed is uniform, no residue, reduce waste.
As a candy bar production line manufacturer in China, we would like to remind you that with the popularization of the Internet, many companies have their own websites and there are many introductions to products. But not all of the description is real, so in order to buy high quality and meet the demand of your machine, we recommend you go to the factory, only after the testing, to know whether the machine meet your requirements. As one of the candy bar production line manufacturers, we sincerely invite you to visit our company for inspection and test, and answer all your information during the test.

Candy Bar Production Line
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