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Sesame Brittle Making Machine Manufacturer


Sesame Brittle Making Machine Manufacturer
Sesame brittle is a traditional Chinese food, especially in New Year or holidays, more people to buy the sesame brittle, so the market is huge. But because many sesame brittle manufacturer are the workshop production on the market, they use the hand-made sesame brittle. However, in the peak season, the production of traditional manual production can not meet the requirements, and the appearance is not beautiful, more importantly, as people's demand for food quality more and more high, manual production has not met the needs of people. So use sesame brittle making machine is becoming more and more common.
As a sesame brittle making machine manufacturer, let's introduce the advantages of using machines to make sesame brittle.
1. Many functions, not only can make sesame brittle, but also can make peanut candy, Shaqima, etc,.
2. In the production process, only need manual operation the machine, and the operator does not need to contact with the material, safety, health, consumers can be assured to eat.
3. Use rotary hopper, automatic feeding, automatic filling.
4. The molding is good, the sesame brittle will not stick in the mold or the cutter.
5. The transmission system is simple in structure, easy to analyze and easy to operate.
6. Simple circuit structure, not easy to fail.
7. Use intermittent feeding, finished product thickness can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different users to the thickness of the finished product requirements.
8. Small investment, the appearance of the finished product is beautiful, consistent size, high finished product rate.
9. Easy to operate, using stainless steel production, clean and sanitary.
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