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How to Make Flour Coated Peanuts?


How to Make Flour Coated Peanuts?
How to make flour coated peanuts? There are two methods, hand made and coated peanut machine made. Now let us understand the specific steps of the two methods.

Make flour coated peanuts by hand:
1. Pour the peanuts into the boiling water. After one minute, Remove the peanuts and mix with the flour, sugar and other ingredients. Add fresh eggs, milk, butter and stir to form a butter mixture.
2. Place the peanuts on the operating platform, apply the butter to the peanuts, and sprinkle the flour on the peanuts.
3. Shake the mixture to obtain a coated peanut.
4. Preheat the oil, pour the peanuts into oil and fry for 3-5 minutes.
5. Remove the peanuts from the oil and filter the excess oil.
Make flour coated peanuts by coated peanut production line:
The coated peanut production line include peanut roaster, peanut peeler, coating machine, swing roasting machine, flavoring machine. All the things you need to do is operating the machine and pour the raw material to the machine hopper. The peanut coating line is a special equipment for processing peanuts. The surface of the peanut processed by the machine is sleek and can meet the standards for export, featuring smooth movement, low noise, and no pollution. The processing line can make sugar coated peanut, honey coated peanut, flour coated peanut, etc.
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