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Peanut Coating Process


Coating Peanut Process

Coated peanuts, mainly made by peanuts, flour, starch, rice powder, puffed powder, yummy,crunchy, according to different local tastes, add different accessories, the formation of different characteristics of the coated peanut.
Main equipment:
Coating machine, frying machine, cooling machine, packaging machine.
Coating peanut process:
Material selection--coating--frying--cooling--seasoning--packing
1. Raw material selection: You can use a screening machine to classify peanuts, which can be divided into 5 levels. Generally, you can use small grains, if the you use large grains of peanuts, you can fry the peanut first, and then coating, but peanuts should be no moth, no pests and diseases.
2. Coating 
1) There are many methods and kinds of coating, here we introduce two methods, one is to use sugar and flour, one is made of glutinous rice powder paste.
2) Put the peanut into the coating machine, spray dozen paste, wait until the slurry is attached evenly in the strewing powder, so cycle, until the paste and the wrap powder are completely used. (This dosage is related to peanut dosage)
3. Frying. Frying temperature is 160 degrees Celsius-165 degrees Celsius, frying time of about eight minutes.
4. Seasoning. This step can be done by a seasoning machine, just add seasoning material to the seasoning machine, you can finish seasoning automatically.
5. Packaging, this step needs to be done after cooling
1) Production equipment, on-site environment and operators must meet the requirements of food industry standards to ensure food hygiene and safety.
2) Weighing must be accurate, the outer packing box is flat and beautiful.Make a taste label, you can not mix.
3) If you do not use a packing machine,and use electronic scales for manual packaging, you should always charge the electronic scale to ensure its accuracy.
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