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Maintenance of Cold Rice Noodles Making Machine


Cold rice noodles making machine is mainly process rice milk though steaming, cutting  and cooling. Thus, the main materials is rice, also the flour is ok to produce the dough. Put some color into the materials, can get different color cold rice noodles, very beautiful. Several models can be choosed, capacity from 50 kg per hour to 500 kg per hour. 
Cold Rice Noodles Making Machine
How to maintain cold rice noodles making machine when store? 

First of all, these machines are related with electricity, so when storage this machine, do not forget to turn off the power.   And properly keep the wire line, it is best to wrap them up. 
Second, for rice noodles making machine itself.  Because during production of rice noodle, usually coating some oil on the machine for making more smooth cold rice noodles. But when storage the machine, be sure to clean the cold rice noodle machine body.
Third, put some things cover the machine, so as machine will not get dust, people can easy to use it in next time. 
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