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History of Nigerian Chinchin


Nigerian chinchin in one popular snacks foods in western Africa, especially in Nigeria. Usually, chinchin is made with square type, and some people may also make other shapes they want, like triangle, and rectangle shape, etc.
Negerian Chin chin
Materials that needs for making Nigerian Chin chin:
Flour, sugar, salt, butter, eggs, milk and vegetable oil.
The first step is to mixing all the dry ingredients in the bowl and stir well, then add melted butter, eggs and milk. Next, form all mixed materials into  dough shapes. Then cut dough into 2 to 3 cm length and 6 mm thick pieces, if you want ot produce large capacity,  you would better prepare the professional chinchin cutting machine to improve effenciency. Finally, frying them in oil. Try to control the temperature of oil for making yellow Nigerian chinchin products.
Some people will use different ways to make different tastes of chinchin products.  For example, add vanilla essence or nutmeg. Some people even baking them in the oven replace the traditional frying way. 
Some people like to cut chinchin into a triangle, or rub into ball shape. In Nigeria, the square shape chinchin is the most common, because this shape not only easy to make, but also conveniently. In the United States and the United Kingdom, chinchin products are also sold in supermarkets, store and even the restaurants.
Making chin chin by hand can't meet the market demand, so now here is one chin chin cutting machine for you enlarge the business.
Chin Chin Cutting Machine

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