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How to Identify the Quality of Disposable Chopsticks


In order to protect environment, many countries advocate that making chopsticks by bamboo instead of wood. The disposable bamboo chopsticks can reduce the deforestation of forests, economic and environmental protection, more and more widely used in the world. 

Large capacity of chopstick enter market, there are also appear some unhealthy chopstick products by some illegal traders. Thus, how to identify chopstick quality? 
1. Check their brand. Some poor processing disposable chopsticks, retained for "whitening" of hydrogen peroxide, which is unhealthy for people’s health.  Regular manufacturers of disposable chopsticks used in the raw materials are relatively good texture of wood or fresh bamboo, the formal process from the processing, the food-grade sulfur fumigation bleaching, sulfur dioxide content is very low, generally not more than one-time national standard bamboo chopsticks Of the 600mg per kilogram of chopsticks.

2. Second, check their smell. If they smell with acid smell, they are not unqualified product. 
Before using these chopstick, people woild better put them into water for sock some minutes.
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