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Rice Noodles Machine Suppliers


Rice noodles is made by the rice though steaming and forming step, popular in many countries. Rice noodles is different from the instant noodles and the noodles, it tastes very soft, smooth and delicious. Usually, it may eat with the special ingredients, such as the cucumber, gluten, vinegar, chili sauce, pickles, sesame oil, and so on. Some place, also eat rice noodles wrapped with fresh vegetables, very different from the Asian area.
rice noodle maker machine manufacturer
Why this rice noodles making machine is so popular in the world?
1. Machine designed with stainless steel, no rust, final products looks more beautiful.
2. Large capacity designed is more efficient than normal rice noodles making machine.
3. Rice noodles size, thickness and machine temperature can be adjusted.
4. During heating, keeping the rice raw taste, good elasticity.
5. Different capacity and models can be choosed according your really need.
6. More than six months after sale service.
7. Professional people for training the method of making rice noodles details.

Now this machine has sold to mnay places, such the South Korea, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Tanzania, Ghana, Peru, etc. The development prospects is very good. 
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