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Muesli Bar Production Process


Muesli is one type food of breakfast, which incluing the grain, fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, etc, usually eat with the milk, soybean and other type juice. Muesli bar is made by these materials though the machine pressing into the bar shape.  Actually, the Muesli bar can be made by the peanut candy bar machine, the making principle is very similar. Thus, the peanut candy bar machine also is suitable for the Muesli bar producing process. 
muesli bar making machine for sale from manufacturer
The Muesli bar production process: 
1. Put the nuts, grains into the special nuts roaster machine, untill these materials become yellow and suitable for the next step. 
2. Put all materails into the mixng machine, mixing them evenly. 
3. Whether put the sugar into the pot just depending on customers' products demand. 
4. The mixed materials will put into the pressing step for forming. 
5. Size of the single Muesli bar can be set before cutting, such as the square, rectangular, diamond, etc.  
6. Cooling system can keep the Muesli shape very well.  Easily for packing step. 

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