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Common Way for Extracting the Potato Starch


starch machinery manufacturer india Details of Potato Starch Ectraction Technology: 

Potato starch usually processed by the starch processing equipment, the whole processing though some different parts. 

1. Fresh potatoes should be removed the soil and stones firstly. The main cleaning process would better though the professional machine. Though the machine, the potaoes can be cleaned very well. During washing the potatoes, the amont of stone and potatoes skin will be removed. Water which has been used can recyle used again after clarify
2. The washed potatoes are sent to the grinding mill machine, where the rows of saws arranged neatly on the cylinder run will turning with high speed. The sharp saw may chop the potatoes into samll pieces for releasing the starch of potatoes. Cell juice is rich in carbohydrates and proteins. When the cells are cutted, the cell juice is exposed to the air and oxygen react to form colored parts, which may stick to the starch. To solve the problem of color changinge, sulfur dioxide gas and sodium bisulfite treatment methods were introduced into the potato processing process.  Sufficient sulfur to keep potato juice and potatoes meat yellow color.  
3. Potato pulp contains the potato skin and cell debris from potatoes. The separation process is performed by a rotating conical screen. In order to better isolate the starch, water will be added to the conical screen through the nozzle. Through strong scouring, starch is rushed out of the potato cells to form a starch filter. When the starch and potato juice after the time, the pulp of pulp pulp will be screened down. In addition to water, potato juice can also be directly used to wash starch, but in a closed environment. The advantage of potato juice is that it can be recovered in concentrated and undiluted conditions. Potato pulp in the air dryer was drained and squeezed, whether it is dry or wet state can be used directly as feed. Potato pulp is used in mixed feed, it has a high protein and residual starch.  
4. In ​​the next step, the potato juice water is separated into several parts by a hydrocyclone. One half of the soluble protein in the potato juice will be coagulated by acid heat treatment and then divided into glass vials. The remaining potato water will be evaporated and used as fertilizer.
5. Refined starch milk has a dry matter can content of 35% to 40%. The moisture in the starch was removed by vacuum filtration so that the starchonly content of less than 40% water. Centrifugation during filtration makes the dewatering process faster.
6. The drying process will be achieved in an air dryer. Starch must be less than 15% water, only this can store very well. 


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