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What Is Chinese Puffed Rice Cake Made of?


What is Chinese puffed rice cake made of? Rice cakes uses cereals, beans, rice, etc. as raw materials, and after processing by puffing equipment, it produces a variety of foods with exquisite shapes, rich nutrition, and crisp and delicious food.
Because the equipment for producing this puffed food has a simple structure, easy operation, low equipment investment, and fast returns, it has developed very quickly and has shown great vitality.
 Puffed Rice Cake

How to make puffed rice cake?
Puffing--Air screening--Drying--Boiled sugar--Forming--Cooling--Packing
Main tools in puffed rice cake production line:
1. Puffing machine
The machine can expand 10kg rice at a time, the heating time is short, and the unit product consumes less energy than the ordinary type. Five safety insurances, reducing labor intensity, humanized design, easy operation by workers. It is more convenient to collect materials, and it can be tilted 35 degrees to spray materials to the collection position.
2. Mixing machine
It is suitable for mixing materials, and it can automatically heat and control temperature.
3. Forming machine
It is controlled by computer program, and runs smoothly without shock and vibration. The mold and hopper are carefully designed and made of food-grade materials, which is safe and hygienic. The electronic system of the forming system tracks the alignment, the positioning is accurate and the yield is high. The size of the finished product can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.
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