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What Is A Sugar Cone Made Of?


Sugar cone is very popular, but do you know what is a sugar cone made of?
Usually, the sugar cone made of butter, sugar, pure vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, egg whites.
 Sugar Cone
Sugar cones are a classic, yet slightly sweeter, substitute to your traditional cone flavor. By adding white or brown sugar to the baking process, you’ll find these cones have a thicker, crunchier design, though they are generally smaller and darker in hue than others. The blend of flour and fiber increases the strength and thickness of sugar cones. Their sturdier exterior and conical shape help prevent breakage and spillage for your popular summer sweets.
The ice cream cone machine as the main tool of sugar cone making, play an very important role, but do you know the sugar cone production process?
1. Mixing batter. This step is to mix the flour, water, eggs, and sugar.
2. Feeding. This step is to transport the batter to the baking tray, convenient for the next step.
3. Baking. Bake the batter and make it ripe, to forming a biscuit sheet.
4. Rolling. Rolling the biscuit sheet to a cone shape.
5. Output: The formed sugar cone is automatically output and can be sold in the market after packaging.
The machine makes the production of the sugar cone simpler, more beautiful and more popular.
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