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How to Make Japanese Ramen Noodles?


Ramen noodles is very popular in Japanese, but do you know how to make Japanese ramen noodles. There are special ramen noodle making machine for making it.
 Ramen Noodle Making Machine

The ramen noodles manufacturing process main include following steps:
Mixing flour:
Mix flour, water, salt, and other ingredients evenly to make them sticky and to form uniform granules.
The process of improving the quality of raw materials and semi-finished products through the passage of time. Make the water penetrate into the protein to the maximum, make it fully absorb water and swell, and stick to each other to form a gluten network. The time is usually 15 minutes.
The aging flour is rolled into multiple dough sheet by multiple pressing rollers. It further promotes the refinement and stickiness of the gluten network, so that the dough sheet has a certain degree of toughness and strength.
The rolled dough sheet is cut into smooth, equal-width noodles by a cutter.
The corrugated surface layer is appropriately heated at a certain temperature to make the starch in the noodles gelatinize.
Cut and sort:
The length of the cut is fixed. If other conditions remain unchanged, the water content of the noodle itself, the thickness of the noodle, and the density of the pattern will also change.
The noodles continuously pass through the high-temperature oil tank, and the water quickly vaporizes, forming a porous structure in the noodles and increasing the gelatinization rate of the noodle starch.
Quick cooling of noodles by fan for easy packaging.
These are the specific steps on how to make Japanese ramen noodles, if you need more details, please contact us for free.
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