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Equipment for Making Prawn


There two main prawns in market, one is the made by 10 % - 20 % starch replaced by potatoes powder, and its making process is smililar with traditional making way, the potato powder make prawns taste more delicious. Another prawns is made by fresh potato though series processing types, so it's also called the potato prawn. 

This equipment is mainly used for making potatoes prawn, capacity of this whole line about 100 kg per hour. Usually the whole making process may though eight steps, from selecting to packaging, all these need professional machine to achieve. This whole prawn making production line is consist of mixing machine,  extruder re-extruding and shaping part, cutting machine, packaging machine( some parts machine can be configured according to you own needs).

Main working principle: 

Washing - Slicing - Rinsing - Cooking - Drying - Sorting - Packaging
1. After selecting the potato, put them into washing machine for cleaning. 
2. Then all potatoes need to be cutted into slicer though the potatoes slicer cutting machine. Usually the size of slicer can be customized by customer's demand.
3. Rinsing potatoes pieces can reduce excess starch inside potatoes. 
4. And then the potatoes chips need cooking and drying, water content of  potato chips need to control in the appropriate range.
5. All processing is finished, final potatoes prawn need to packaged with different size. Packing size depended on your requirement, even packing types can be choosed before buying this equipment. There are different packing types machine can be choosed. 


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