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Four Tips for Saving Oil During Frying Foods


Fried foods may contain a lot of oil after frying, and these oil may be waste and also makes foods taste more greasy. During frying foods,  the oil consumption is very large, so there need a good way for saving oil to businessmen. For saving oil from frying step, there are four main steps may help you save oil for frying foods. 

Step one: Before frying, all foods would better soak in water some minutes, and then dry them under the cool place. This way can make foods in a saturated state,  during frying, the foods absorb very little oil than untreated food. 
Step two: Controlling oil temperature: control oil temperature, shorten the frying time. Frying oil temperature is higher, the resulting toxic and carcinogenic substances will be more. Frying temperature would better controlled between 160-180 degrees Celsius ideal, then take the fumes little food thrown into a lot of bubbles, but not immediately discoloration. Try to reduce the fumes, the fumes may influence the final fried food tatse. 
Step three: Applying a layer of flour or eggs on the foods surface. Flour batter and egg liquid can stop oil into hole of foods. It is a good way to save oil. 
Step four: Find a better foods frying machine. Better foods frying machine can produce less fumes, reduce oil volatilization. 

Following these four steps, people can not only make the beautiful foods, but also cam save oil effectively. 

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