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Machine for Frying Israeli Falafel


Israeli Falafel,  also known as the Middle East vegetable ball, deep-fried Israeli falafel, is the Middle East cuisine, made with with chickpeas or beans with seasonings. Israelis will add tomatoes, cucumbers and mayonnaise and other seasonings as sandwiches, Arabs and Jews (Palestinians) also love to eat them.
History of Falafel:
The origin of the deep-fried chickpea is controversial. It is believed to originate in Egypt and was first used by the Copts as a meat substitute in the Lent. As the city of Alexandria is a port city,
This food spreads to the Middle East. Then the food spread to Levante, where chickpeas replaced beans.

Falafel making process and materials: 
Dehydrated chickpeas, fresh corn kernels, red onions, peppers, fennel Seeds, synthetic spices, corn flour or soy flour or a mixture of both, salt
1. Dehydrated chickpea soaked in water about one day, and then filter out the water.
2. Red onions and chili should be chopped, the cutting size depend on your requirement.
3. Put the chickpea and onion and chili into the container, add the remaining materials to mix well, and then add a little bit of water into a half-paste by mixing (untill material can be shaped).
4. Heat the pot, add the right amount of cooking oil to heat into the wooden chopsticks will be the rapid level of bubbling, turn a small fire after the random 3 into a strip or round cake into the pan to deep-fried golden brown to make. If for a large capacity of falafel, please would better use processional falafel frying machine, people can control oil temperature more better, the final fried falafel will look more beautiful and taste more delicious. 

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