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Introduction of the Prawn Cracker


      Prawn Cracker also named Shrimp Cracker, the traditional production method is used with shrimp juice and mixing with starch. if using potato to make the prawn crackers, the product  still has its own unique taste, and popular among people.
     There are two methods of making potato prawn crackers, first method is to use the potato powder instead of 10 - 20% starch, the production process is is similar with traditional method.  Adding the whole potatoes powder in the prawn cracker can increase the nutritional value and swelling degree. Another method is to use of fresh potatoes though a series of processing made into the similar with prawn cracker product, known as potato chips. 

Prawn Cracker Making Process( Potato Chips): 
     Peeling: The choice of potatoes should be no pests, no mold rot, no germination and no water loss soft. Then peeling these potatoes by the potatoes peeling machine with water, put them into the water after peeling skin, that can prevent potatoes exposure to air, avoid them becom brown.
     Slicing: It is to peel the potato into slices with 0.2 cm thick. This process, you would better use the potatoes slicing machine, it can slicing more evenly.  The potato chips should be immediately put into the water, and stirring them up and down, so that can wash off the small potato chips free starch and solanine.
     Boiling: Putting the potato chips which has been soaked into boiling water about 3 - 4 minutes, then pick them into cold water. Gently stirring these potatoes chips, so that they can get cold as soon as possible.
     Drying: Drying the cold potato chips out.  Drying them under the sun, and repeate fanning until potatoes chips become dry. In order to long-term storage of potato chips shrimp, in the drying process, we can according to the proportion of potato chips weight 0.2%, putting some anti-mildew preservative sorbic acid or benzoic acid liquid. After drying, packaging them with different level according to the size of potato chips. That is the potatoe chips making process by hands, if you want to save money and workers, there are still the prawn crackers production line can be choosed, the capacity can be customized according your requirements.  

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