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Different Methods of Frying Banana Chips


The first: low-temperature frying method: 
    Process: raw materials - peeling - slicing - decompression low temperature frying - in addition to residual oil - atmospheric pressure - packaging - finished. In this process, banana are generally be cut into 3-4 cm pieces, the decompression effect is to increase the dryness of the banana, and the fried industry will generally use palm oil. Then we understand that the thickness of the banana slices is quite thin, so we should use the banana chips frying machine to fry them quickly, avoid chips oxidation.

The second: sugar low pressure infiltration, vacuum drying banana slices:
    Process: raw materials - peeling - slices - color protection - low pressure candy - vacuum drying - packaging - finished. In this process, you should put some lemonade or vitamin c solution on banana chips, because it will be able to control his oxidation.  In fact, we know that the oxidation of bananas is very strong, so the vitamin C is mainly to resist this phenomenon, and then vacuum drying.

The third: high-temperature fried sugar stain method:
    Process: peeling - slices - color - high temperature fried - candy - packaging - finished. The high temperature will destroy the banana chips vitamin, but the high temperature can reduce the fryig thime, which also can short the vitamin missing time. That's why this will be accepted by many people, and the automatic high quality banana chips frying machine is so popular in industry. 
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