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What Kind of Frying Machine Can Separate Impurity from Oil


       Many of frying machines after using, the oil in the machine will have many the food residue, that will affect the taste of food when next time to use. Is there any frying machine can remove the residue in the oil during frying?  Totally yes.  In order to meet people's requirement of the foods and machine, there are a new technology of  frying machine, the oil-water frying technology.  What the advantages of this frying system has? Firstly,  this oil-water frying machine can frying foods with good level, because this frying machine can adjust the oil temperature, so that the temperature of the oil will not too high,  constantly maintain the oil temperature, ensures the uniformity of the food fried. Secondly, the oil-water system can separate of impurity in oil during frying foods. Frying residue is automatically immersed in water, and then discharged through the sewage outfall, to ensure that the frying oil fresh, no acidification, no waste oil. The working principle is depending on their different weight, the oil weight is relatively light, and the weight of impurities is relatively heavy, impurities will precipitate into the water, thus completing the separation work. The whole process are automatic, very safe. That's why this oil-water frying machine is so popular in the world. If you are interested in this machine, please contact us freely, we can offer more professional oil-water frying machine, and other frying machines. Such as the Deep Fryer MachineSemi Automatic Potato Chips MachinePeanut Frying Machines and so on. 

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