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Potato Starch Processing Process Six Steps


Six Steps of Potato Starch Processing Process
Starch foods is very common in our daily life, hardly people know how many types of starch in market? What is  the potato starch? How about the processing process?  This time we talk about the potato starch,  the following is a summary of potato starch processing process with six steps:

Firstly, cleaning step. The cleaning process is mainly for removing the sediment from potatoes surface.  Sometimes, the quality of raw material will decide the final starch quality.  Thus, people should ensure the quality raw potatoes before making potatoes starch. 
Secondly, crushing step. Potato starch is mainly stored inner the potaoes, hardly in the surfsce. The main purpose to broken potatoes is to destroy the organizational structure of potatoes, so that small particles of starch can be extracted. 
Thirdly, screening process.  Potato dross's volume is greater than starch particles. Regarding the water as the medium, filter out the potato starch continously. 
Fourthly,  fine process step. According the weight is different among starch and impuritiesin, removing the impurities from the  starch for get more fine starch.  
Fivethly, drying step. After precipitation, raw starch still contains many water, further dehydration can make the starch more dry. 
Sixthly, details of drying process. At present,  the starch factory generally uses the airflow drying production process. The entire craft time is completes in the instant, therefore the starch granule internal moisture has no time gelatinization to be dried, therefore does not occur the gelatinization or the degradation phenomenon.  


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