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Apllication of the Pellet Chips Flavoring Machine


       Many pellet snacks are made of the delicoius condiment, such as the chocolate, sugar, cream, etc in the foods processing factory.  So the pellet chips flavoring machine is very important in the pellet foods making process. For the beginner of making the pellet, the flavoring technology of this machine should clearly understand. 
      Step one:  Check the small nuts before using this machine. Once the power cord is damaged, please do not use this machine. 
      Step two: Check whether there are the other materials in the flavoring pot. If have, please clean up. 
      Step three: Taste machine for one minute before using this machine. And then put the materials in the pot. 
      Step four:   After worknig a period, put the flavoring materials out of the machine. 
      Step five:  Please add new lubricants after using six months. 

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