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Common Size of Ice Cream Cone in Market


       Different places, the ice cream cone has the different size according to different people's living habits and taste requirement.  In the market, the common ice cream cone size is 12 high and diameter is 7 cm.  This type ice cream cone is most popular, because this type cone can hold the enough ice cream and materials in the cone, and without demage cone itself. It is more convinent when people holding it.  
       Except this types size, there are still some other size of the ice creamc one. First type is 60 to 110mm. It is small type ice cream cone.  This type ice cream cone usually popular among children, mini exterior more attract people's eyes.  The second one size from the 110mm to 145mm.  This type is the middle size ice cream cone. It is a little more big than the small types, and commonly in the ice cream cone selling store on the street. The third one is the 185mm high. It is longer than other ice cream cone in the common  market. This type ice cream cone is popular among the adult because of its special pattern. Children think it is very funny when eating so long ice cream cone with friends. And now we can find such size ice cream cone in some special ice cream cone selling shops, stores. 
      Of course, there are professional ice cream cone making machine for making different size and pattern ice cream cone. Before start a new ice cream cone business, people should know that which size and pattern they want. That can reduce many time and money when buying one machine. 

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