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How To Make Almond Butter Without A Food Processor?


For many people, they don’t like to buy almond butter on the market, they would like to choose make almond butter by themself at home, but how to make almond butter without a food processor? We all know that the whole foods almond butter machine is a necessary machine for almond butter processing, how to do if you don’t have the food processor? Following is some details.
Before beginning, you should prepare fresh almonds, salt, blender, bottles.
1. Screening: pick out the impurities from the almonds.
2. Washing: almonds vulnerable to aflatoxin contamination, washing process cab reduce the 80% of the poison.
3. Roasting: This is the key work procedure that determines the flavor, texture and color of the finished almonds butter. The roasting temperature is 130-150 DEG C, and the water content is between 11% -12% in 20-30 minutes of almonds.
4. Peeling: when the temperature is below 45 ℃, you can peel almonds skin with high quality.  Red coating of almonds residue should not exceed 2%.
5. Coarse grinding: the use of steel or stone mill to crush the coarse almond.
6. The following ingredients are mixed according to the following formula: almonds kernel: 1000.0g, monoglyceride: 20.0g, cane sugar: 50.0g, salt: 8.0g, peanut content 83.5%, banana powder, 4.2 % Sugar, 1.6% monoglyceride and 0.7% salt.
7. Grinding: because you don’t have the professional food processor, so you can use a blender instead, it may not work as well as a professional machine, but it can also help you complete this step.
8. Cooling, packing and curing: When the temperature dropped below 45 ° C, the almond butter was placed in a container. The optimum temperature is 29.4 ~ 43.3 ℃. Finished product would better cured for 48 hours or more. And vacuum packaging is more better than other types packing.
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