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Which Machine is Best for Frying Onion Rings


Banana chips and onion rings and other fried snacks enjoy a great market for its delicious and sweet taste. As we all know that fried banana chips and onion rings can be used as dessert after eating lunch with friend or family which are covered with honey, sugar or chocolate. The choosing of onion rings fying machine is directly decide your products quality.
This automatic frying machine can help you to make banana chips and onion ring with high quality. About where to buy this machine, you would better to choose 304 stainless steel for long time considering. Good material machine can relong its usege time. This machine is used to cover powder on the surface on banana chips, onion rings and chicken nuggets. It can continuous working, and the powdering amount also canbe controlled. Made of stainless steel 304. Automatic discharging system.
Some people may like to eat  salty banana chips which are flavored with different sauce, such as tomato paste. The process of frying onion rings is similar with potato chips process, so you can also use the potato chips frying machine for the banana chips and onion rings. IN fact, fried banana chips are made from immature or green bananas, but there are not so much requirement about frying onion rings. And sliced bananas would be blanched firstly to keep color and then have deep fry in sunflower oil or coconut oil. Banana chips manufacturers could flavor different sauce to make fried banana chips sweet, salty or spicy. This frying machine is the best chioce for you.
Frying Machine for Onion Rings
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