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How to Make Cube Sugar at Home


  1.        Cube sugar is very common in our daily life. When we drinking coffee in store, you can put some cube sugar in coffee for sweet. Many people believe that sugar only can be bought in the store. But in fact, if you want, you can also making them at your own home. The production process is also very simple for you. Fristly, it's really easy, you can just mix the sugar, water, and coloring toghter! Then, making sure that the sugar is not sopping wet so that it's dissolving, just wet enough to hold its shape. Next, useing any mold you like or you have, such as cartoon model, kitchen tools and so on. Finally, pressing the sugar into the mold you have prepared, turn it over, and tap it out. Let the cubes dry on pretty much any surface until hard. Your own unique sugar cubes that cost you practically nothing!  
      Generally speaking, the cube sugar we have bought in market are made buy some cube sugar making manufacturers, they have more professional cube sugar making machine in their factory, so the cube suagars you have bought are more procelain than you own made. So if you also want beacutiful cube sugar, you can buy  them in some big market. 
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