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Continuous Frying Machine


Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery is a global supplier of professional production equipment company focused on continuous frying machine equipment research and development, manufacture and sales and provide complete solutions to our customers. Company after many years of hard work and innovation technology to effectively improve the company and its employees mature specification management system, to effectively improve product quality, enterprise own management expert team of excellent management mechanism, make the company management more clearly. In the product research and development of professional designers and engineers, the continuous fryer machine level is much higher than the competition manufacturers in the same industry. Moreover, we have a large staff with many years of production experience, and its production process is more exquisite. At the same time the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and production technology makes new kyokuto food machinery of the new product development, production scale, product quality and good faith service is in the lead position in the field of domestic frying machine.
Continuous Frying Machine
Advantages of Continuous Frying Machine
1. Use oil-water mixed filter residue structure or whole oil longitudinal scraping slag system, variable frequency speed adjustment, increase production volume and save oil.
2. Automatically remove the food residue and ensure the quality of oil.
3. The automatic control temperature will not let the food taste drop due to the change of oil temperature during the process of frying.
4. Equipped with leakage protection device, more secure.
5. Fried food is not conserved to each other, and it will save more manpower and resources.
6. The use of double row lampblack to reduce soot emission is more environmentally friendly.
7. The assembly line material USES 304 stainless steel material, which is longer than ordinary stainless steel.
8. The deep-frying line is suitable for the short production time. The products with more filter residue are suitable for large and small sized enterprises.
9. The continuous frying machine adopts unique product conveying system, slag discharging system, heating system, oil tracking system, smoke exhaust system and electric control system.
10. After-sales service, our continuous frying machine will be repaired free of charge in 12 months, with a lifetime warranty.
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