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Continuous Frying Machine Price in the Market


       This continuous frying machine also can be called continuous automatic snack food frying machine. This machine is very suitable for snacks business man to make different snacks in their shop, store or factory. 

       The advantage of this continuous frying machine:
1: The proportion of oil, water, animal oils produce different principles of natural stratification in the working process, animal fats vegetable oil sank lower, a fundamental solution to the traditional frying machine residue, animal fats, fried to make repeated frying oil acidification carbonization and deterioration problems.
2: The effective control of the upper and lower layer is heated vegetable oil convection, ensuring a variety of pure oil, the fried food color, flavor and taste, beautiful appearance, improved product quality.
3: Shortening the province, this environmentally friendly products to solve the traditional frying machine overheating resulting oil dried large number of volatile issues. Hybrid technology enables water reservoir below the water continues to produce small amounts of steam, and the penetration of frying oil to add moisture, thereby suppressing a lot of oil is not volatile; Central heating process can be controlled according to temperature, effectively alleviate the peroxidation of frying oil, acid suppression produce price, thus prolonging the shortening of the life cycle, reducing waste and save more than traditional frying machine oil 50%.
4: With the relationship between the proportion of vegetable and animal oils, fried foods so that the animal oil extraction of natural vegetable oil sank lower, so that the upper operating oil remains clean, which can fry all kinds of food, and do not odor, a multi-purpose machine, increase your operating varieties.
5: The machine is equipped with advanced automatic temperature control device, the oil temperature between room temperature to 250 degrees arbitrary regulation. Inhibits oxidation and acidification due to high temperature who were into oil.


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