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Machine For Sesame Brittle For Sale


With the development of technology, there are many machines for sesame brittle for sale on the market, and different automatic sesame brittle machine with different features, now let’s see some details about the sesame brittle machine.
Machine for sesame brittle is the perfect device for making different sizes sesame brittle. It includes inlet hopper, roller, cooling fan/cooling tunnel, cutting and conveyor. The flatting roller is special made to form thin sesame.
1.The automatic sesame brittle machine is controlled by computer, and the dimension is precisely positioned, which makes the finished product specification more unified.
2. With tracking cutting function, adjustable speed, easy operation, energy saving, high quality and good performance.
3. High production efficiency, simple operation, low cleaning cost, energy saving and environmental protection.
4. Can be quickly back and forth grouting, thickness can be adjusted at any time, the operation of solid noise-free, roller gap consistent, site-type design, is the production of sesame brittle, peanut candy, Shaqima standard equipment, wide range of applications.
5. The machine for sesame brittle can be used for sesame brittle selling and manufacturing company, or for people who want to start a new business.And we can customize according to customer’s requirement.
Except for the sesame brittle production line, we can also provide you the single machine, for example the forming machine, cutting machine, sugar cooking pot, etc. If you have any question, please contact us or leave message to us for free, we will reply you in 24 hour.
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Machine For Sesame Brittle
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