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Fully Automatic Non-fried Instant Noodle Production Line Development


When you come into the supermarket, the shelves have a variety of instant noodles, for example fried instant noodles, non fried instant noodles, bagged, cup-mounted, as well as coarse grains instant noodles. But with the improvement of living standards, people's demand for food health become more and more high, many consumers have realized that fried instant noodles belong to high calorie, low nutrition food, so more and more people prefer non fried instant noodles.
With the pace of life and the improvement of living standards, consumers not only consider the fast food, but also pay more attention to food health, green, fashion and many other factors. The change of people's concept has brought the opportunity for the non fried instant noodle industry development, many fried instant noodle manufacturers have transformed and upgraded gradually, and started producing non fried instant noodles.
As a non fried instant noodle making machine manufacturer, the market change also has brought the opportunity for our non fried instant noodle production line development. We use advanced production technology, mature and reliable technology, equipment matching reasonable. High-quality noodles can be produced at room temperature. Non-fried instant noodles than fried instant noodles taste better, elastic, high nutritional value. The drying equipment of the production line adopts new energy-saving hot air drying to minimize energy consumption. Our fully automatic non fried production line uses the precision processing technology, the performance is stable, the service life is long. At the same time, also ensure the stability of product quality.

Non Fried Instant Noodle Production Line
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