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Cassava Starch Processing line's Technical Field


Cassava starch processing line manufacturing is a very specialized field, it is a technology-intensive industry. Design, production, instatement commissioning is usually involved in cassava starch process of scattered physical science, materials science, three-dimensionalsolid modeling, simulation assembly, interference test photoelectric conversion, analog and digital conversion, automation and control, software programming, CNC and laser processing of a variety of technologies, the degree of technical complexity of the product line at the same time, a wide range of supporting technology, it is difficult to short time to master.
To meet  cassava starch profcessing line market needs,  LONGER Machinery is relying on the integration of design, production, installation, service ability, the ability to take advantage of the customization and design programs tailored to customers, each large-scale cassava starch equipment engineering basic separate design and development, landform the production, installation, pre-training, after-sales service, full participation, to meet the diverse needs of customers, so as to achieve the purpose of the production and application of a win-win.
According to the China general machinery industry cassava starch equipment association, they revealed that the next few years, China's cassava starch processing line demand will grow at a significant number of areas.
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