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How Much Is Plantain Slicing Machine?


How much is plantain slicing machine? Some customer leave this message to us on the website. About this question, there is no exact answer. Because different customer with different requirement, and the capacity is also different, therefore, the adjustable plantain chip slicer model suitable for each customer is different, the price is also different.
So, when some people ask us how much is plantain slicing machine, we always ask the customer how many kgs do you want to process per hour? Do you only want to cut plantain? And do you have any other special requirement? After know all of your requirement, we will send you the quotation.
Plantain Slicing Machine

But after we send the quotation to the customer, some customer will ask why your machine price is higher than other manufacturer. We all know that there are many plantain slicing machine in the market, and the materials and technology used by each manufacturer are different, so there are differences in price. The machine produced by our company use high quality and advanced technology, so the price maybe higher than other manufacturer. Our machine with following advantages.
This machine using rotating knife plate cutting, aspects are of good quality and uniform thickness and size, organization of fresh cut without destroying the fibrous tissue. At the same time, this machine has high efficiency, convenient operation, low energy consumption, health, safety and efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for processing agricultural products. The machine is made of high quality stainless steel, with beautiful appearance and convenient cleaning. According to the provisions of the food hygiene and safety law, the cutting knife is made of high carbon chromium stainless steel (3Cr13). High strength, high hardness, sharp blade without deformation, high efficiency.
Maybe you don’t get answer here about how much is plantain slicing machine? If you want to got the price, please contact us for free.
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