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Description of Potato Chips Production Line


If you want to learn the potato chips processing line, these machine you must to know, the potato chips line also called plantain chips plant, the line is consist of potato washing machine and peeling machine, potato slicing machine, potato chips blanching machine, potato dewatering machine, potato chips frying machine, potato deoiling machine, potato chips flavoring machine and potato chips packing machine. 
potato chips production line
Potato washing and peeling machine: integrates the function of washing and peeling, and it can be used for processing potatoes, carrots, radish, sweet potatoes and other root vegetables.
Potato slicing machine: used for cutting the potatoes into slices, strips or cubes and also suitable for other root vegetables, like carrots, cassava etc.
Potato slice blanching machine: used for blanching the slices, strips or cubes of potatoes or any root vegetables. The main purpose of blanching is to remove potato starch and ensure the slices brightness and crispy.
Potato dewatering machine: adopts centrifugal principle to dehydrate. This step is prepared for the frying part, which shortens the frying time and perfects the taste of the potato chips, potato crisps or french fries.
Potato slices frying machine: adopts oil-water mixing technology, so the sediment can be cleaned easily.  Besides, the service time of the oil is prolonged and the cost is cut largely by taking use of the oil-water mixing technology.
Potato chips deoiling machine: widely used for extrude the extra oil of the fried food to ensure the potato chips taste good and more healthy for human.
Potato chips flavoring machine: used for seasoning the fried potato chips. Which flavor is needed totally depends on customer.
Potato chips packing machine: improves the packing efficiency and saves a lot of time. As fried potato chips are fragile, the nitrogen is necessary to keep food fresh, tasty and without damage.

The processing line can produce the potato chips, french fries, other food, also can be adjusted to produce the frozen french fries.
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