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How To Make Crispy Rice Cakes In Factory?


Crispy rice cakes is popular for different age groups, because of its crisp taste and rich fragrance, it is favored by consumers. But do you know how to make crispy rice cakes in factory?
In general, It uses rice, grain, bean and others as raw materials, through the puffing equipment processing, produces the variety various, the shape exquisite, the nutrition rich food. The rice cake machine has simple structure, easy operation, low investment, fast profit and rapid development.
 Crispy Rice Cakes
How to make crispy rice cakes in factory?
Selected raw materials - puffing - cooking sugar - mixing - forming - packing
Selected raw materials: This step is a very important step in the production process. The selection of raw materials will directly affect the taste of the finished product. It is necessary to select the bad cereals.
Puffing: This process mainly puffs the rice to facilitate the processing of the next process.
Cooking sugar: This step is completed by the sugar cooking pot. The amount of sugar is to be formulated. If the sugar content is too small, the puffed rice cannot stick together.
Mixing: Pour the puffed rice and other raw materials into the sugar cooking pot and mix well. This step should be operated at a higher temperature to prevent the temperature from being too low to cause the sugar to solidify.
Forming: This step is mainly performed by a molding die, and the shape of the mold may be circular, square, cylindrical, or the like.
Packing: This step is carried out after the rice has cooled down completely.
 Crispy Rice Cakes Machine

Why use machine make crispy rice cakes in factory?
1. The rotary table has a small footprint and is installed on the upper and lower refrigeration system.
2. No need for gas source, direct production does not destroy food structure.
3. Rotating the turntable, automatic cutting, automatic filling.
4. No adjustment, accurate positioning, large output.
5. Good molding effect, no sticking mold, easy to demould.
If you don’t want to buy the rice cake made in factory, you can make it at home, but the production process is a bit complicated.
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