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How to Make Chicken Nuggets Like KFC?


KFC chicken nuggets is very popular all over the world. But how to make chicken nuggets like KFC? This is a necessary question for starting a chicken nuggets business.
How to make chicken nuggets? Below are the main production steps:
ground meat→pulping→molding→wrapping→frying→deoiling→cooling→packing
 Chicken Nuggets
Ground meat:
This step uses a mixer. Both liquid and solid can be mixed. Suitable for food, chicken, sausage, meat, etc.
This step is done by the molding machine. It is suitable for all kinds of fish, meat, vegetarian food and other pieces, blocks and rods. Such as: chicken chops, hamburger, chicken and so on. Special molds can be customized to meet the needs of a variety of foods.
Completed by a coating machine. This machine is suitable for factories that produce large quantities of food. Suitable for chicken chops, fish chops, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, hot dogs, etc. The wrap-coated powder is fully automatic, with high efficiency, good performance, simple operation and convenient cleaning.
The machine can be used with a small fryer or a continuous fryer, which can be purchased according to the actual output.
Use a blower to blow off the residual oil.
Use a cooling conveyor. The machine is suitable for various food cooling and drying, and is used exclusively in the food industry.
You can choose manual packaging or automatic packaging by machine.
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