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How to Roll Ice Cream Cones?


How to roll ice cream cones? I think it is difficult. Because we need to do this at a higher temperature and need to control the force, otherwise it is easy to damage. But why do the ice cream cones we buy on the market look so beautiful. Let us now explain in detail.
How to roll ice cream cones in factory?
In order to meet a large number of market demands, most ice cream cone manufacturer choose ice cream cone machine for production. Because the machine is more intelligent, the products produced are more uniform in color, save energy, free up labor, and increase machine output.
〇 Automatic gland (pressure adjustable)
〇 Automatic cover, non-stick plate (thick aluminum alloy plate)
〇 Automatic feeding batter (the amount of batter can be controlled at will), no leaky, evenly spread.
〇 Automatic rolling.
 Ice Cream Cone Machine
Why use machine instead of manual?
1. The machine with high degree of automation, large output, can bring more profits to producers.
2. More clean and hygienic. Machine production does not require contact between workers and materials, and will not cause secondary pollution.
3. Save labor costs. The use of the machine reduces manual labor and reduces the cost of hiring labor.
4. The finished product is more beautiful. The machine has a fixed mold to ensure the same size and beautiful appearance.
If you interest, we can send you a video to show how to roll ice cream cone by machine.
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