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How To Cut Nougat?


How to cut nougat? The traditional method of cutting nougat is to use the cutter, manual cutting, but we know that nougat has a large viscosity, the nougat is easy to stick to the knife when cutting, the finished product is not very perfect. And hand cutting can also bring fatigue and soreness to the operator's body. So according to people's demand, we developed automatic nougat cutting machine.
It doesn't matter if the sugar is too sticky. The nougat cutting machine is very suitable for nougat. It is specially used for cutting nougat, peanut candy, sesame brittle and other sticky foods, and the cutting effect is good. And the nougat cutting machine can be used with forming machine.
Nougat cutting machine advantages:
1. Easy to learn and operate.
2. High efficiency and durability, large production.
3. Designed for viscous products, suitable for a variety of raw materials.
4. Multilayer compression structure, uniform thickness.
5. Can adjust the cutting size to meet the requirements of different specifications.
6. This nougat cutting machine uses the double cursor localization, cutting, slitting, and forming, the product size, the gram heavy standard is consistent.

With nougat cutting machine, you will never ask "how to cut nougat", it will replace hand-made, to solve the problems caused by manual cutting, different size, the appearance of incomplete.

How to Cut Nougat?
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