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Commercial Chinchin Seasoning Machine Advantages


    This chinchin seasoning machine can not only flavor frying snacks, but also other foods you want. Such as the fried chickpeas, fried chicken, fried chicken wings, puffed food and so on.  

Advantages of this seasoning machine:
1.  Industry powder additives and trace elements in the mix, clean health does not oxidation.
2. The device has a simple structure, reasonable, easy maintenance, power is small, safe, reliable, high homogeneity, no residue, good sealing and so on. Applicable to a number of industries powder additives and trace elements in the mix.
3. Seasoning mixing principle: Mixer 360-degree rotation, flip. The products will tast more better. Seasoning machine running time on the need for seasoning items evenly spices. This machine is single working operation, high-speed rotation of the material in the cylinder rapid mixing. 
4. This machine is very suitable for the snacks processing factory, restaurant, market and so on. 
5. This machine can be use in the whole foods processing line with seasoning machine and lifting machine
, also can be used in a single machine. 


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