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Instant Noodle Packaging Material


What is instant noodle packaging material? The packaging materials used in different packaging methods are different. Let us take the cup instant noodles as an example.
 Instant Noodle Bowl
1. Inner plastic film, generally polyethylene (PE) material
The innermost layer of instant noodle bowl is a layer of plastic film coated on cardboard, generally food grade polyethylene (PE) material, in line with national standards. The applicable temperature of PE material is generally below 100 °C. In case of high temperature, low molecular substances and additives in plastic may be dissolved in grease, water or vinegar.
2. Food grade white cardboard
The second layer is food grade white paperboard, which is the so-called "direct contact food" inner layer paper.
3. Gray cardboard
This layer of gray cardboard is the inner surface of the outer layer of the barrel.
4. Outer printing paper
Adhesively attached to the outer layer of the gray cardboard is the outermost printing paper, which is illuminated by a UV lamp with a wavelength of 365 nm to reveal an extremely bright blue color, possibly with the addition of a fluorescent whitening agent.
 Instant Noodle Cup

5. Varnish
The outermost layer of the instant noodle bowl is generally bright because the surface of the ink on the printing paper is coated with a layer of varnish. Varnish is a type of coating that does not contain coloring matter. The main ingredients are resins and solvents or resins, oils and solvents. After application to the surface of the object, a coating film with protection, decoration and special properties is formed. The outermost varnish is mainly to avoid direct contact between the ink and the human body.
6. Instant noodle bowl outer packaging material
In the outermost layer of the instant noodle bowl, there is a plastic film. The batch number and date of manufacture of the product are generally printed on the plastic film of the layer. This plastic film mainly serves to protect the product packaging.
There are many other types of instant noodle packaging materials, all these packaging materials, we can supply to you, looking for your inquiry.
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