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Development Trend of Instant Noodles in Future


        Japan is the cradle of the development of instant noodles, and since 1958, the production of instant noodles from Japan  from 5.5 billion  in 1962 copies increased to 2.5 billion in 1964, just three years time, total output increased by nearly 4 times. The rate of growth was pleasantly surprising, and in the early 1970s. Non-fried instant noodles as early as 1968 was born in Japan, the cup noodles, bowl of instant noodles was invented in 1971. 
       Since the cup instant noodles was selled, it quickly received by the majority of consumers around the world.  For the whole world, the overall development of instant noodles  has been on the rising trend  from 1958 to 2007.  In 2008, production decreased slightly, from the national distribution point of view, Southeast Asian countries.  The production of instant noodles in the 2009 data,  we see the annual output ranked top 10 countries, only the Southeast Asian countries accounted for 8. Through the statistics of the population of each country, the annual per capita consumption of instant noodles. The largest number of instant noodles is South Korea, about the 70 per capita. Followed by v are the Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan, they were 63 packages, 50 packages and 40 packages. At that time, Russia, India, the United States per capita consumption is relatively less than 20 packages, China is about 30 bags per year. 

       With the development of the society, nowadays, people's life step become more and more quickly, the insatnt noodles as the fast foods still beloved by people.  Insatnt noodles will never out for our life, they can only for the l
ong-term development though changing the making process to meet people's standard. Thus, the instant noodles and the no-fried insatnt noodles will still inour life. And the instant nooldes producing line and factory still can survival from rapid development of society.
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