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Sold Carrot Washing Machine To India


Today we sold one set of carrot washing machine to India, this is the third time we've sold this carrot washing machine to India. And we hope to reach a long-term relationship with our Indian clients. The carrot washing machine is used for round, long - shaped fruits and vegetables cleaning, fruit surface polishing or peel fruits and vegetables after soaking in hot pressed alkaline solution. It has been proved by the user, this machine has good effect on product cleaning, peeling, etc. It saves a lot of labor for users, improves production efficiency and reduces production cost.
Working principle:
The machine consists of a brush roller, and the material is pushed forward slowly by the brush. specially designed high pressure spray head; the hardness of the brush can be changed according to the usage. Brush plays a very important role in cleaning process, so before using, on using and after using, users should pay attention to brush cleaning.
1. First of all, when the machine is being produced, there may be some hairs left on the brush, therefore, the brush should be carded before use, and the broken hair should be cleaned to prevent the use.
2. Although the machine is strictly packed, during transportation, there may be dust and other debris on the brush, in order to prevent the impregnation of sundries and dust on the brush, the brush must be cleaned after receiving the goods, prevent pollution to fruits and vegetables.
3. Be careful not to expose the brush to air after each use, prevent air pollutants from contaminating the brush.
4. When cleaning the brush, the pressure must be appropriate, the pressure is too small and the cleaning time is too long and the cleaning is not clean, too much pressure can damage the brush.
If you have any question about this machine, and you are also interested in carrot washing machine, please contact us for free. Wherever you are in India, we can ship the machine to you.

Carrot Washing Machine
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