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What Is The Price Of VG-150 Vegetable Cutting Machine?


The vg 150 vegetable cutting machine is a custom model for our customer, so the price of vg 150 vegetable cutting machine is higher than standard model.
The working principle of this vg 150 vegetable cutting machine is the same as that of the standard model electric vegetable cutting machine, high speed cutting with rotating cutter, cut vegetables into strips or slices, good cutting quality, uniform thickness and length of finished product, fresh cut surface, do not destroy the fibrous tissue.
The vg 150 vegetable cutting machine is mainly composed of a frame, a cutting part and a driving part.
VG 150 vegetable cutting machine features:
1.  The machine is made of SUS304 high quality stainless steel with low lead content, durability and food safety.
2. Size adjustment device. Adjust slice thickness, cut length of strip according to customer requirement.
3. Double inverter design to realize the adjustment of cutting size (1-60mm adjustable).
4. Comprehensive function, multi-purpose one machine, slice, strip, cost-effective.
5. Imported blade, fast speed, strong slicing ability, high quality and durability.
6. Safety control system, there is a micro - switch at the discharge port to effectively protect the safety of personnel.
7. The fuselage can be directly washed, easy to disassemble and assemble, and easy to clean.
8. Suitable for potato, sweet potato, carrot, radish, etc.
9. It is applicable to supermarkets, enterprises, central kitchens and other large enterprises such as supermarkets, vegetable distribution and agricultural markets.
Note: manufacturers direct sales, and the vegetable cutting machine can be customized according to customer needs.
If you interested in our machine and need price, please contact us for free, but please tell us whether you need custom, because the custom model like vg 150, the price is higher than standard model. If you need custom, please send us your requirement also, then we will arrange our technicians work out a plan for you.

VG 150 Vegetable Cutting Machine
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