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Marku Sugar Cube Machine Specifications


What is the specifications of marku sugar cube machine? Before you buy the sugar cube making machine, you have to know this question, in this way, you can buy a machine that suits you.
The machine in our company has different models, and different model with different specifications, now we will introduce one of them to you. Following is the specifications of LGF-120.
Number of die holes: 120pcs
Dimension of holes:16*16*13mm(can custom)
Largest output : 300kg/h(can adjust)
Motor power: 5.5KW; 380V/50Hz
Single sugar cube weight:4g, 5g, 6g, 7g, 13g, etc,.
Machine dimension: 1550*620*1500 mm
After know the specifications, you also need the function and the features about the machine:
1. The machine is made of stainless steel with compact structure and can keep the surface glossy, prevent cross contamination, meet GMP requirement.
2. Equipped with plexiglass perspective window, it is helpful to observe the state of press operation and easy to clean and maintain.
3. All monitors and operating components are in good condition and there is a fault alarm system.
4. Variable frequency speed control device is adopted to control the speed, which is convenient to operate and safe and correct.
5. Equipped with overload protection device, the machine will stop automatically when the pressure is overloaded.
6. The mainframe is an independent component, pollution-free, easy to discharge heat and wear resistance.
7. The powder absorption device can absorb and press the powder in the room.
8. Vulnerable parts, such as rails, feeders, drive screws, powder gauges, can be supplied.
If you want to know more details about the sugar cube machine specifications, please contact us for free. Any question we will reply you in 24 hours.
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