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Welcome Russia Customers Test Tahini Processing Machine


Today, we received two customer from Russia, they come to our company for testing sesame tahini production line. If it works well, they will immediately order the tahini processing machine and our factory will go into production as soon as possible. In order to determine which model of production is more suitable for them, our staff led the customer to test several tahini processing machine of different capacity. After testing, our customers are very satisfied with this production line, they decided to use the tahini processing machine to start their new business.
The process flow and main equipment of the production line of tahini sauce include oven, peeling machine, picking belt, material extractor, rough grinder, mixing tank, conveyor pump, mixer, homogenizer, fine grinder, vacuum tank, cooler, filler, etc. It is characterized by flowing  operation, high mechanization degree, good reliability, fully closed production, pollution-free, and is the advanced equipment for producing sesame paste.
1. Output is 500 kilograms per hour.
2. All machine parts comply with national food standards.
3. The fineness of finished tahini can be adjusted by 100-120mesh. If you need more fine tahini, we can provide three - roll grinder to make the finished product more fine.
4. The machine is highly mechanized, reliable and fully enclosed. It has the characteristics of simple operation, smooth operation, low noise, easy maintenance, corrosion resistance, wide use and full variety.
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