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How To Make Rice Noodles?


Do you know how to make rice noodles? Just see the following video, and learn the rice noodle making machine working pinciple:
This rice noodle maker machine is one kind of automatic noodle making machines. Pour grinded rice milk into rice noodles maker, and then can press into rice noodles after steaming. The size of rice noodles can be adjusted by customers. This machine has many models for selection, like 120, 150, 250, 350 type, etc. The production capacity can be customized according to customers' requirement, different production capacity has different price. Our rice noodles machines have been exported to Sri Lanla, India, Austrlia, USA, Canada etc. If you want to buy noodles machine, just feel free to contact us. You can email to, or phone to +86 18595717505.
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