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Semi Automatic Banana Chips Production Line sold to Spain


Whole set banana chips production line small capacity was sold to Spain, and this whole line includes one set banana slicer machine, banana chips blanching machine, banana chips dewatering machine, banana chisp fryer machine, banana chips frying machine, and banana chips flavoring machine.
Banana Chips Fryer Machine
Deoiling Machine
Banana Chips Slicer Machine
Product price commitment for Banana Chips Making Machine
1. In order to ensure the high reliability and advanced nature of the products, the selection of the system is selected from domestic or international quality products.
2. Under the same competitive conditions, our company will provide you with a good price not reducing the technical performance of the products and changing the parts of the products.
Delivery Time of Banana Chips Production Line
1. Product delivery date: as requested by the user, if there are special requirements, the company can organize production and installation to meet the needs of users.
2. When the product is delivered, our company will provide the user with technical maintenance manual, vulnerable parts, configuration list, and a certain amount of spare parts.
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