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Pork Skin Frying Machine Manufacturers


The single gas pork rinds frying machine sold by frying machine manufacturers can be used for frying chicken, Fried steak, Fried lamb chops, French fries and so on. Simple operation, environmental hygiene and high fuel saving rate are the replacement products of traditional frying machines. Suitable for food processing plants, large and medium-sized hotels, restaurants, various guesthouses, schools, canteen and other catering services.
Continuous Pork Skin Frying Machine
Characteristics of pork skin frying machine:
1. Gas frying single machine utilizes the characteristics of oil and water separation, which USES less oil and more than 50% oil saving; Fried oil has no acidification, no waste oil, and Fried food color, aroma, taste good; During the frying process, the resulting animal oil is removed through the drain valve to ensure the hygiene of the food.
2. Gas frying single machine utilizes oil and water separation, the residue of Fried oil is automatically filtered out to ensure the oil is clean and the oil can be used for a long time;
3. No lampblack to ensure the health of operators;
4. Multi-purpose, can be continuously Fried various food, not conspunction;
5. Easy operation and single operation.
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